t&T's Famous Games Fan Tour

tiny & Tall recently went to a tour of famous video games, those are the picture they brought back.

Chased by Cacotalls
 The tour didn't start off very well for tiny. Doom has always been a bad influence for Tall anyway.

Fetch me the hammer, boy!
Then, in front of the Wilbur Theater, Tall tried his hand at commanding his companion, inspired by the Fallout 4 showcase. tiny was less than impressed.

North by Northwaste
Annoyed by the lack of enthusiasm from tiny, Tall decided it was high time for the post-apocalyptic remake of a classic movie. Once again, tiny frowned when presented with these views.

The Sinews of a Bear
Fresh out of the nuclear wasteland, out heroes finally teamed up to try and get the first ingredient off their list. Unfortunately, the bears of Skyrim are severely less civilized than those of Gleipnir.

The Tall Man Tyranny
Needless to say, these setbacks shattered the fragile alliance between tiny & Tall. The dictature of Tall took got pretty extra-terrestrial as the heroes drifted into XCOM2 territory.

Timbers Shivering
At some point in their tour, tiny & Tall must have come across a boat salesman. Was the boat haunted? Are tiny & Tall useless at not getting lost at sea? All we know is they ended up facing Monkey Island's fearsome undead pirate, Captain LeChuck!

tinyboo & Tallinsc
They eventually fell down a pit (?) and soon enough were chased by a beholder (???). So Tall became a bulky barbarian, and tiny a yellow hamster (??¿??). It seems their tour took a very silly turn, or at least, an inexpected virage straight into the Forgotten Realms...

More to come very soon!

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